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T-Mobile and Twilio give developers the network connectivity, platform, APIs, and tools to
bring game-changing narrowband IoT solutions to market.

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T-Mobile and Twilio have partnered up to help developers rapidly accelerate the
development of new narrowband IoT devices. Our developer kit offers everything you
need to start exploring the possibilities of NB-IoT.


SIM designed for T-Mobile’s
NB-IoT network


Suite of APIs for
provisioning, device, and
data management


Temperature, humidity, and
range sensors, plus GPS
antenna and push button


Access to illustrated use
cases for testing real-life
device scenarios

Check out T-Mobile’s 2019 NB-IoT Hackathon, powered by the Twilio and T-Mobile dev kit.

Fast track your development.

Twilio’s Programmable Wireless platform provides a suite of SIM provisioning, device management,
and data management APIs that let developers easily control, analyze, and monitor cellular
connectivity from Twilio console or Twilio API.

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Already developed a Twilio-based IoT solution for
T-Mobile’s network? All you need to do now is have
your hardware or software certified.

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Follow the Twilio developer kit set up guide to get online quickly.

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