T-Mobile and Twilio are taking the Internet of Things by storm.

Introducing Twilio Programmable Wireless, a new cellular communications platform from T-Mobile and Twilio designed to empower IoT developers like they’ve never been before.

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T-Mobile has partnered with Twilio to create Twilio Programmable Wireless, a new cellular communications platform for Internet of Things developers.
Twilio Programmable Wireless, a joint venture between Twilio and T-Mobile, is making programming for the Internet of Things easier for cellular connectivity developers.

IoT innovation is shifting into overdrive.

The days of developers having to learn carriers’ rules and processes are over. Through simple-to-use APIs, Twilio Programmable Wireless is setting developers and businesses free to create Internet of Things solutions and customized communications for almost any device over T-Mobile’s cellular network. So to all you cellular connectivity developers, we say: Bring it.

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Twilio Programmable Wireless offers:

Twilio Programmable Wireless offers API-driven cellular connectivity.

API-driven cellular connectivity

The new Devices API enables developers to provision Twilio SIM cards directly from their applications. Software can now remotely control SIM activation, data usage, and bandwidth limits. The Commands API provides machine-to-machine connectivity even in areas without data coverage or with limited battery power. The same API provides granular usage metering data.

Twilio Programmable Wireless SIM cards will support Twilio Programmable Voice and Programmable SMS API.

Full communications stack

In addition to data, Twilio SIM cards will fully support the Twilio Programmable Voice and Programmable SMS API, giving developers access to the power of the Twilio cloud for both machine and human communications.

Twilio Programmable Wirelesss simplifies connectivity.


With API-driven procurement of SIM cards, usage-based billing, and transparent pricing, Twilio Wireless greatly simplifies the deployment and management of connectivity.


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