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Love hackathons? Love fame and fortune? Want to meet some new developers in the area? The T-Mobile and Seattle Interactive Hackathon is for you.


The challenge of the event is to build an IOT home or auto hack with,, and Apptentive products. Want to make a crazy robot toaster that spits out Hello Kitty branded toast? What about a Tinder-based taxi game to make your drive more…interesting? Best of all, you can string together an app without a server. Just use And, of course, any idea is welcome and fair game!

Finalists’ ideas will be showcased on stage at Seattle Interactive Conference for a panel of high profile, celebrity judges AND you could win a boatload of cash plus the opportunity to have lunch with T-Mobile CIO, Cody Sanford.

Additionally, T-Mobile’s recruiting department has agreed that if anyone from the Hackathon applies for a TMO open position using a promo code they will provide, they will be guaranteed an interview with T-mobile’s head of technical recruiting.

The prizes for this developer event are designed to be experiential and help you build your career and network:

First place

  • $7,000
  • T-MOBILE devices
  • Lunch with Cody Sanford (T-Mobile CIO)
  • Opportunity to pitch your idea to the senior leadership team at T-Mobile

Second place

  • $2,000
  • T-MOBILE devices

Third place

  • $1000
  • T-MOBILE devices

Judges & Criteria

We have also lined up the following mentors and judges to help you with creating the best possible app:


  • Ryan Yokel, T-Mobile, Minister of Emerging Products
  • Lisa Weeks, CMO, Hashbang Games
  • Joseph Fernando, T-Mobile, Head Innovator & Technical Advisor
  • Taylor Soper, Geekwire
  • Steve Gomez, T-Mobile, Sr. Director, Digital Services
  • Robi Ganguly, Appententive, CEO
  • Cody Sanford, T-Mobile, Chief Information Officer


  • Kassandra Perch, Auth0, Developer Evangelist
  • Mike Saffitz, Apptentive, CTO
  • Bryan Guy, T-Mobile
  • Will Hart,

Judging criteria will be determined on the following points:

  • Simplicity and conciseness of the wording
  • Number of computer science principles
  • Multi-platform integration & separation

Source: 2016 Seattle Interactive