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Harnessing data to improve the way we live.

Today’s cities face diverse challenges, and smart city IoT solutions are helping drive cost savings, business
development, livability enhancements, and much more. T-Mobile is partnering with cities to understand their unique
needs and develop solutions that can deliver lasting benefits.

Public safety

Improve safety and security with solutions like sensors that detect fire before the smoke and flames are visible, and improved communications and alerts for first responders.

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From automation of shuttle buses to information for smarter parking, IoT solutions can help improve transportation.

Environmental monitoring

Continually monitor and analyze air, water, and other environmental factors to develop innovative and targeted solutions and programs.

Energy and water conservation

Lighting that adjusts to the time of year, sensor-enabled watering systems, and other IoT solutions can help cut costs while helping a city more efficiently consume limited resources.

Smart cities use Narrowband.

The nation’s first Narrowband network (NB-IoT) is unlocking new possibilities
for smart city IoT solutions.

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