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Security is the priority.

T-Mobile’s comprehensive, customer-focused approach to network, device, and data
security helps protect our customers’ privacy and data from ever-evolving threats.

Safeguards from the start.

From devices to networks to the data center, security can never be an afterthought. For safe and successful IoT projects,
security needs to be engineered into every part of an IoT solution from the very beginning. T-Mobile works with customers and
partners from end to end to help identify and fix potential problems in an IoT solution before they can become a risk.

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Security is in our DNA.

T-Mobile has decades of experience securing mobile telecommunications and critical infrastructure for consumers,
enterprises, communities, and the government. This expertise helps guide our IoT security policies and provides our
customers with the robust protection required for the realities of IoT.

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Trusted Narrowband security.

Solutions on T-Mobile’s nationwide NB-IoT network
benefit from our state-of-the-art LTE security,
authentication, data encryption, and hardware and
software hardening techniques.

Coverage not available in some areas.

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Our IoT solutions have security built in from the start. Find out more.

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