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We’re building the network of the future, today.

From the NB-IoT network that launched this year to the 5G network we’re primed to deploy, we’ve created a range of network solutions that provide coverage and reliability when and where you need it.


We’re uniquely positioned to deploy a 5G network across multiple bands.

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Our NB-IoT network provides features to extend battery life, and authenticated LTE communication.

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With efficient low and high-power bands, you get significant power at a low cost.

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Our network connects your devices and applications virtually everywhere your business goes.

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5G is coming. And we’re ready.

We’re uniquely positioned to deploy our 5G network using multiple spectrum bands—mmWave and 600 MHz—enabling nationwide mobility and making our network primed for 2019 and beyond.

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Efficiency meets

Our NB-IoT operates on a dedicated guard band of existing networks, so
it can efficiently carry data without competing against other network
traffic. It’s an excellent solution for smart buildings, connected cities, asset
tracking, and more.

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More power at lower cost.

Our CAT-1 network uses the full spectrum of low, mid, and high bands, so voice and data are continually optimized for efficiency. This helps your business control costs while maintaining speed.

Fastest LTE Network

Consumer data confirms that no one is faster or has more LTE availability than T-Mobile. We’ve got you covered with an industry-standards roadmap that delivers bleeding-edge technologies to your business.

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Sources: Ookla Q1-Q2 2018 U.S. Mobile Performance Report and OpenSignal State of Mobile Networks USA report - July 2018. Capable device required. See full terms

Supporting 2G solutions.

We’re not leaving any of our customers out to dry. We’ve promised to support 2G solutions while helping you make the transition to the next generation of IoT.

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Coverage not available in some areas.

Start building your IoT solutions today.

Check out our certified modules and chipsets that you can use to develop your IoT solutions.

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