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The nationwide network built for IoT.

Our Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) network is the first nationwide network designed specifically to provide reliable, secure cellular connectivity for IoT devices. Our NB-IoT network offers nationwide coverage, features to extend battery life, and authenticated LTE communication.

Low-cost scalability.

Narrowband gives you a dedicated highway using existing infrastructure. Because it can operate in guard bands – the network equivalent of driving down the shoulders on the highway—NB-IoT carries data with greater efficiency and performance, helping to control costs over time.

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Improved performance and longevity.

Products designed with NB-IoT can provide 10+ years of battery life while transmitting small periodic amounts of data. It’s an ideal solution for IoT in smart cities, building automation, asset tracking applications, and more.

Turning Las Vegas into a smart city with NB-IoT.

We’re the first nationwide NB-IoT network to power smart cities across America. See smart technology we’re introducing in Las Vegas.

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Conserving energy.

Motion-based sensors adjust the
brightness of LED street lights.


Water Conservation.

IoT-enabled soil sensors optimize water
management in city parks.


Livability improvements.

Environmental sensors measure local
temperature, humidity, and air quality.

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