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Narrowband helps IoT to excel underground.


The Internet of Things (IoT) has soaring aspirations to manage things located deep underground—by remotely monitoring machinery, pipes, meters etc. But it takes a special kind of connectivity to reach sensors buried deep within buildings or in other remote underground locations. And in order to make this connectivity work optimally, it takes a network specially designed with IoT in mind.

Low Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWANs) are wireless networks optimized to transfer data from and to widely dispersed, network-enabled sensors. Additionally, LPWANs use far less power than the wireless WANs that connect businesses or individual.

Narrrowband (or NB-IoT) has emerged as the leading type of LPWAN. Already widely deployed in Europe and Asia, Narrowband recently passed a field test on a U.S. network run by T-Mobile and its partners Qualcomm and Ericsson. NB-IoT is now being deployed across the entire T-Mobile network to deliver IoT performance. Why?

  • NB-IoT makes business sense. The cost to invest in and run Narrowband is attractively low compared to other solutions because it consumes less power. It is secure and reliable, designed to avoid interruptions and vulnerability. In live trials, Narrowband has reached basement meter boxes and penetrated sets of double brick walls. It requires no additional infrastructure, working efficiently on existing networks.
  • Narrowband is already being deployed in the most challenging IoT environments. NB-IoT will facilitate more IoT projects like the recent one in the UK, which drove significant modernization of London’s transportation system. The project used sensors to help rail organizations like the London Underground aggregate and monitor power and temperature data to spot mechanical issues before they occur.
  • Finally, IoT-connected sensors promise to create cities that are safer as well as smarter. As the majority of the world’s population – 65 percent – will call a city home by 2040, these IoT-centered, city-wide security initiatives will be essential.

Below or above ground, IoT running on Narrowband can analyze performance, asset condition and fault management across a wide network in real time. Narrowband is the leading platform for IoT to keep the infrastructure of the global economy humming at high level of efficiency.