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Narrowband and the coming wave of IoT.


What’s the big deal concerning our trial in Las Vegas of NB-IoT, also called Narrowband—the first in the USA on a live network? It’s a big deal because Narrowband is the leading platform for the Internet of Things (IoT). And IoT is a really big deal.

Networks of IoT sensors will connect environments, machinery, people, medical devices (and almost everything else), spawning new industries and companies, boosting business efficiency and making lives healthier and better. IoT promises to be the first practical application of the next generation 5G mobile network.

Among networks competing to be the platform to support this tsunami of innovation, Narrowband is winning the race to take best advantage of the Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) standard for IoT due to its ability to:

  • Extend over a wide area.
  • Optimize to move relatively small amounts of data in 2 directions.
  • Consume minimal power and preserves battery life, with no unnecessary chatter over the network.
  • Work well in difficult environments such as deep underground.

Cut to Las Vegas right off the Strip, where T-Mobile, working with partners Qualcomm and Ericsson, recently became the first wireless provider in North America to do a successful, live field test of LTE-based NB-IoT technology on a live commercial network across multiple sites. T-Mobile is taking advantage of this best in breed technology right now.

Narrowband has been winning praise throughout the IOT community. For example, in a recent white paper, Narrowband’s advantages over its main rivals Sigfox and LoRa include:

  • Narrowband is a dedicated highway purpose built for connected devices.
  • Narrowband is easier to integrate into existing infrastructure and processes.
  • It’s based on an open standard that a critical mass of network operators and hardware manufacturers are backing.
  • By using small amounts of dedicated spectrum, it carries data with incredible efficiency and performance.
  • Narrowband has proven itself capable of better performance than its rivals including far superior battery life.
  • It’s ahead of its rivals in adoption in Europe and Asia.

T-Mobile is simplifying Narrowband IoT for our customers with competitive plans, certifications and key industry partnerships. We are relentlessly helping customers get IoT solutions to market faster. The future of IoT is well on its way and Narrowband is powering it.