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Developers show the world
what’s possible with NB-IoT.

The low-power network meets high-energy inventiveness.

America’s first-ever NB-IoT

More than 100 new and seasoned developers descended on T-Mobile
HQ to help shape the future of NB-IoT.

T-Mobile and Twilio partnered to create a new dev kit that allowed participants to access NB-IoT, while Microsoft
Azure brought its cloud expertise. 20 teams spent 24 nonstop hours concepting, designing, troubleshooting,
gesticulating, and tinkering with NB-IoT (with snacking and snoozing in between). 20 awesomely creative and
unique IoT concepts for prospective IoT solutions emerged that could leverage the low cost and power efficiency
of NB-IoT and its reliability over long distances.

And the winning concepts are...



Turning Waste into Opportunity

About 33% of global fresh produce is tossed due to
spoilage. This hurts both consumers and suppliers
alike, costing $161B in lost revenue in the US per year.
The team behind ShipShop developed an idea for a
solution that could potentially leverage the capabilities
of NB-IoT and e-commerce to create opportunities for
shippers to sell produce at risk of spoilage at stopover
ports. This could reduce waste while also opening up a
secondary market.



Predicting Wildfires in Real Time

Inspired to act by the many recent California forest
fires, the WildFox team developed a concept for a
solution that demonstrates the use of NB-IoT sensors
for temperature, humidity, and GPS data deployed in a
vast network throughout forests. These sensors
operating on T-Mobile’s NB-IoT network could
potentially help scientists predict forest fires, aid
first-responder dispatchers in containing a fire, and
gauge the direction of a fire using wind velocity sensors
to inform evacuation efforts.



Tracking High-Risk
Radioactive Sources

Thousands of radioactive sources are lost every year
in the US, but NB-IoT sensors could potentially help
account for them, helping to track them from
manufacturing to their disposal or export. Team
Curieosity’s idea for an IoT solution would employ
GPS, proximity, temperature, and humidity sensors
over T-Mobile’s NB-IoT network. This solution
concept could potentially be used in wide-scale
deployments to increase national safety and security.

The concepts described on this page are ideas for prospective solutions only and not intended to imply working or deployed technologies.

Devs take NB-IoT for a test run.

T-Mobile & Twilio NB-IoT developer kit

This ready-to-go Arduino-based developer kit accelerates your NB-IoT
solutions with a Twilio-integrated SIM for T-Mobile’s NB-IoT Network.

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