The future of wireless

We’re always making our network better. That’s why we recently quadrupled our narrow-band coverage to cover all of America and why we are hard at work, laying the foundation for 5G.

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The FIRST to unleash Narrowband

By investing in Narrowband now, we're ensuring our customers an affordable option for creating new and innovative IoT solutions. It's how we’re promoting progress in the world of connected devices.

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Meet your new IoT network

CAT-1 was built to meet your needs today and into the future. With efficient low and high bands, you get a lower cost with more power. It’s the only true nation-wide IoT solution, covering all of North America seamlessly. And our coverage continues to get better and better.

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Cost-effective connectivity delivered

Our 4G LTE network keeps your hardware investment working for you by connecting your devices and applications wherever your business goes. We’ve got you covered with an industry-standards roadmap that delivers the bleeding-edge technologies that your business demands.

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We've got your

T‑Mobile supports IoT customers using 2G networks, giving them a clear roadmap from 2G to 4G LTE. And our 2G-M2M network will continue supporting 2G solutions through 2020.

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Simple, fast certification

When you’re trying to deploy an IoT solution, every second counts. That’s why we have streamlined the path to our network so you can take your product to market faster and easier than ever before. And with our consolidated testing and reduced testing costs, we’re saving you money.

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